Floor Glute Bridge

FLOOR GLUTE BRIDGE —(VOLUME UP ️) SAVE AND SHARE! . . Are you getting at the idea of how resistance bands can be helpful in mimicking a lot of your common exercises that you find in the gym? The home version can be a bit tricky at first. Ideally you want tension from the start … Read more

Training Tips

Ive been working hard to create an exercise database for all my physical clients who have moved to online and for new online clients. Ive created a database of 105 exercises so far and thats just the basics. 3.5 hours of going directly from exercise to exercise with zero breaks. Only 4 redos! Sore already! … Read more

Travel/Home Workout

Travel/Home Workout: Always scale movement as necessary and increase difficulty as needed. For example, in push ups I made them more difficult by changing my hand positioning to a diamond shape below my chest. If you dont have a push up then do them on an elevated surface. Who wants to see progressions and regressions … Read more

Front Squat Grip Variations

Here are few front squat grip variations. I dont always have clients front squat until certain prerequisites are met or just dependent on their goals. If the goal is something like olympic lifting then Im going to want them to achieve a full front rack position. If they dont have the the lat and/or thoracic … Read more

The Deadbug

The primary goal of the dead bug is to strengthen the core and improve anterior core stability all while minimizing pressure on the low back. This movement is also a great drill for realizing and correcting excessive anterior pelvic tilt. Performing this exercise on the floor not only provides stability, but feedback that you can … Read more