Floor Glute Bridge

FLOOR GLUTE BRIDGE —(VOLUME UP ️) SAVE AND SHARE! . . Are you getting at the idea of how resistance bands can be helpful in mimicking a lot of your common exercises that you find in the gym? The home version can be a bit tricky at first. Ideally you want tension from the start … Read more

Training Tips

Ive been working hard to create an exercise database for all my physical clients who have moved to online and for new online clients. Ive created a database of 105 exercises so far and thats just the basics. 3.5 hours of going directly from exercise to exercise with zero breaks. Only 4 redos! Sore already! … Read more

Travel/Home Workout

Travel/Home Workout: Always scale movement as necessary and increase difficulty as needed. For example, in push ups I made them more difficult by changing my hand positioning to a diamond shape below my chest. If you dont have a push up then do them on an elevated surface. Who wants to see progressions and regressions … Read more