Why do so many people regain weight after they’ve worked so hard to lose it? Roughly 90 percent of people who rapidly lose weight will eventually regain just about all of it back. About 80% will gain more weight than what they lost originally causing you to weigh more over time as the years go by. The graph in this study reflects that and shows the average time course of weight regain after a weight loss intervention.

Thanks to the industry, billions of dollars are dumped into marketing campaigns conditioning you to believe you need to be on another named diet (keto, low carb, etc), or even some sort of magic pill with promises that help you shed fat such as detoxes, cleanses, and belly wraps. You might even see advertisements of 90 day workout programs or a new fitness device ad that promises to help you get “toned” and shed fat .

All of the above can make it more believable when a well known influencer or celebrity endorses it in order to look like them. What a waste of hard earned money when you were just desperate to find a solution to make the problem away. Over the course of many years you probably spent a lot more money than what you realized. These sort of promotions are unrealistic over the long term. Which is probably why you arrived at this page because…..well…..


What is it that the successful 10% know that diets don’t?
Change happens from within.
You don't need to be on another diet.
You don't need to restrict what you eat.
You don't need to count macros the rest of your life.
You don't need to cardio for hours on end.
You don't need to be a robot.


Something else  I’ve noticed with working with very high achieving individuals is that they were all extremelysuccessful in their career yet too extremely busy and in total debt with their health. So busy they didn’t have time to focus on theirselves as much as they would have liked.

  1. Soon they started putting back on weight.
  2. Losing self esteem
  3. Energy levels started to tank
  4. Avoided going out and even hated being on zoom meetings because of the way they looked.


Maybe this person might even be you too and you want to:

  • Put a stop to yo-yo-ing and binge-restrict cycles
  • Put a stop to psychological battles with the scale and weight loss.
  • Will you get strong? YES
  • Will you lose weight? YES
  • Will you get back in control of your life again? YES!
  • Will you feel like like a bad bitch that you are when you enter a room? FUCK YES.


Lifelong, PERMANENT body transformations happen from the inside-out and further improved when motivations are aligned with personal values and preferences.


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