Level 1: Lifting & Nutrition Basics Accelerated Workshop

This private 1on1 accelerated 4.5 hour strength and nutrition basics workshop is ideal for busy professionals who cannot commit to ongoing training sessions and are fairly new to strength training. It runs on Friday from 6:00pm-10:30p.m.

You take a workshop like this if you want to learn how to strength train properly and be more confident with knowing how to do the lifts in a public gym setting (or even with your own gym setup). The idea is to get you started on your lifting journey with all the right tools the first time around. It can be really confusing of where to start with all the information to navigate out there; which was my exact reason for creating this workshop. We will set up the nutrition and exercises custom to you and your body structure.

Everything we learn in this workshop will serve as a starting point and can change over time as you progress in your journey. You can look at this as a more self-sufficient path that teaches you everything you will need to know for many years to come! You will be set up with a VERY solid and strong foundation!

You will benefit most from this workshop if you apply it right away and is best to start when you feel like you can make strength training part of your lifestyle. Results come from consistency over the course of years. There is no quick fix and the best way is to simply get started and put in the reps, literally.

Please note this is not for you if you are dealing with a chronic pain or injury, such as back pain for example.

I’ll be taking you through 4 modules . Here is what to expect:

Lifting Nutrition basics workshopmodule 1module 2

module 3module 4other stuff

TIME: ANY Friday 6:00p.m. - 10:30p.m.
WHERE: Oakland Strength (private studio)