Nutrition Wars: Macro Tracking Vs Intuitive Eating

Do you have fat loss or muscle gaining goals? Do you often get frustrated trying to understand how to best follow your body composition goals or performance goals? Learning about what works for YOU is part of the fitness journey. Our bodies are complex machines and figuring out how we work  is a process which … Read more

Adherence: The Key to Improving Fat Loss

What drives human eating behavior? Emotional eating? Boredom? Social gatherings? Culture? How can we be proactive in our strategies to adhere to our dietary goals? The health and fitness industry can be very confusing with the rise of “fit influencers” giving out horrible advice. Worst is books, programs, and fad diets being high on the … Read more

Free Nutrition 101 eBook

Download a FREE digital copy of my Nutrition 101 eBook! A straight forward and simple approach for beginners in developing a nutrition plan. Discover the basics of nutrition and how to get started in the right direction while enjoying life from time to time. Crash dieting and binge-fests are not the answer, nor is restrictive eating to the … Read more


The pull-up is acknowledged to be the undisputed king of upper body movements.  It works a large variety of muscles including: Lats, biceps, traps, rhomboids and more. Some things you should know: Pull up machines are ineffective Band-assisted pull ups by itself are less effective You must build a foundation of pulling strength To be … Read more