Improving Ankle Mobility

If you have trouble squatting and reaching below parallel then your ankle mobility may be a limiting factor. Stiff ankles also means it could potentially lead to planter fasciitis , Achilles, and knee issues down the road. The foot, ankle, and knee go hand and hand. More on a future post. I like to think … Read more

Thoracic Mobility and Lumbar Instability

If you have stiffness in the middle of your back (thoracic) then you’re likely going to have a tough time front squatting and doing overhead movements. Additionally, if you have mid-back stiffness it could contribute to other issues such as low back pain (one of the most common complaints in strength athletes/strength populations)—which could mean … Read more

Hip Mobility

Mobility issues start happening when your body demands it in a particular movement but dont have that specific range available for use. The amount of mobility you need is largely dependent on your activity and your goals. For example, powerlifters/bodybuilders arent going to need much mobility for their sport in comparison to maybe an olympic … Read more