The purpose of an assessment is simply a tool to give us a starting point and to help measure progress.  Concrete data is collected from an assessment to construct a tailored  program based on your individual bio-mechanics and goals. This helps to troubleshoot problem areas and  setting positive, realistic goals to maximize your full potential on your fitness journey. You will be built up for longevity in mind with proper education so that you can eventually be self-sufficient and be a more analytical human throughout your training, nutrition, and overall health.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: Go over goals, objectives, injuries, and fitness history.

MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT: We’ll look at how you move across four categories: mobility, stability, relative strength,  and balance.

CONSULTATION COST: $100 NON REFUNDABLE CHARGE. This historically has been free for years, but due to no-shows this takes away time I could be training clients. You may do a ONE time reschedule at 72 hours of your scheduled appointment.